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Related post: Date: Mon, 20 Nov 2006 17:02:43 -0500 From: Subject: Rex Part OnePlease be aware that this story contains material of a sexual nature and describes pthc yahoo briefcase sexual acts between males. If your mother, municipality, morals, or medication dictates that you should not be here then good-bye. As a responsible participant I ask pthc wikipedia that you pthc rompl baby childfugga just enjoy the story knowing that any apparent similarity of characters to real people is coincidental.If you feel a need to correct my grammar or writing skills, I'll answer your criticism politely, but I'm not looking for a good grade from you, only a smile. If you want to copy of redistribute my youngmamas pthc work the answer is no, Nifty is the only choice of venue.The second most enjoyment to making this crap up is hearing from you. Thank you. Rex Part One Rain, like a drum beating on the windows, pthc g webcam puddles washing up splashing against the wheels and I'm running low on gas. I don't normally stop at those cheep Pump & Runs, but in this weather I figured it was better than going empty.I didn't see him when I pthc photos index went in, heck everyone was wet and running from their vehicles to the door to pay and get out of there. It was actually after I paid that we embraced. fdsa pthc Maybe that's too strong of a word for what really happened, but bbs imageboard pthc looking back it's just how I'd like to remember it.How it really happened was I filled the van, no I'm not some soccer mom or anything, newyork pthc and it's my dad's van or really his companies van. I work for him part time during high school and now with summer upon pthc kdquality us I work more. Anyway after I got the gas, I ran in and paid. This is one board svens pthc of those independent gas & grocery illegal pthc bbs places where people stand around and talk. I always feel weird in those places, not that I have an ethnic problem, but when you're the only guy speaking English without a three day growth of hair on your face, well. Besides did you ever notice they're pthc cp top list always smoking something that you've never tried, and sure you don't want to? pthc films AnywayI headed out and stopped before I made a run back to the van. I'm already wet, but not soaked, and there is a kid on the edges of my sight and he is completely drenched. His hair is matted pthc blogspot and hanging over his eyes, His shirt is stuck to his skin and almost opaque. His jeans cling to his legs like evil top pthc they have been painted there. He is shorter and younger pthc parent directory than me. I moved in front pthc xxx porn of him to step away from next wet gasser, just then the cashier banged on the glass and the boy jumped forward and I caught him propelling against new forum pthc me. pthc bbs nudist Now we're both defloration video pthc soaked.I don't know why, I never do vids cp pthc this. pthc video amateur kds I never offer rides, I never hussyfan suche pthc pick up strangers, I never ever pthc anime forum japanese allow anyone in my van, but on this pthc pedo pics kids day I did.In my arms his sick cp pthc head hung low, no eyes, just wet matted hair, he seemed small and light as a feather. We didn't really speak, I just bbs mummy pthc told him, come on let's get out of here.Okay let's make it clear, I like Ginny. She's been my sven pthc girl forever. Well truth be told, we broke up a few weeks back. She just told me, "Brian this isn't working," gave back my gold cross and walked away. She won't return my calls, won't sit with me at school and hell I don't know what to do, but I never ever intended for this to happen.Somehow I got him to let go and placed him in the passenger's seat. I still had not seen his face, pthc r gold torrent but I knew there was something about him that made me want him with me. I pthc thai board bbs ran around and jumped in behind petite bbs pthc the wheel and started the engine. clip pthc Looking over, I saw his slim body shaking as water fell to the floor and seat around him, I turned up the heat and headed out into traffic. It was difficult to see as I drove cambodian pthc through the rain. 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They are deep and clear, his facial skin looks soft and his nose is just small and why I'm thinking cute scares pthc fozya me.He is making no effort to move, something inside of me guides my hand to the top button of his shirt. He shakes a little, pthc fick clips but does not pull away. The shirt is like a second layer of skin; I see two small dark rings outlining his nipples. The zeps pthc button fights me at first, and then they each move easily to open a view of a hairless chest and the beginning of a defined small six-pack. kimmy pthc I pull the shirt up and subchamber pthc away dragging the tail from within his jeans. Below a pink skinny belly is the defining print belting his waste, proclaiming Jockeys, Jockeys, Jockeys.The hair has fallen again over his eyes, but I'm not necessarily looking at his face. His navel is shallow and I can make out the knot made from the umbilical cord, there is not hair to hide the beauty of pthc young pussy this boy. bbs pthc kds forum I wonder what the hell I am doing. pthc elweb bbs I move on.Pulling the shirt back I peel it off his arms. Is that hair? Yeah, I was beginning to wonder. I think he must be at about fifteen; I'm seventeen and remember having armpit hair at his age.I take the shirt and toss it across the garage towards the washing machine; it lands childlover pthc hussyfan kidzilla on top and starts small streams traveling down the front.His skin is cold, I rub his arms and they redden while his veins appear beneath like blue webs. His arms have definition, muscle but not a strong weightlifter here. I step back and find a leg, the jeans drip and splash at my feet as I free pthc porn pull illegal xxx pthc pictures the first sneaker off his foot. My hand moves below the cuff on his wet Wranglers where small hairs tickle as I de-sock him. The first sock flies through the air sticking to pic pthc bbs the front of the dryer, I laugh at the sight of it and reverse access ranking pthc his head turns to see the silliness. bbs nn pthc I pthc pedo kd think I hear a giggle. His foot is hard cp xxx pthc small; I rub his toes, what am I doing. I stop and pedo sex pthc drop bbs pthc nov 10 the leg. Something moves me forward. I find his left leg and remove that shoe. Again the sock, but this one hit pthc girl sex clips the pthc thumbs videos dryer and falls to its own puddle, he is watching now and interested in pthc bbs young what I do next, I am as wellBare feet and a nude chest lead me to the jeans. His diaphragm pulls in as my hand reaches for his belt. The leather is moist and unwilling to make my task pthc boy top easy. pthc mgp I pull against it and he almost falls from his seat. His wet hair touches my shirt and the moisture is transferred. He leans back and looks up watching me as I pull open his lsm pthc sex belt and release the snap. Now the Jockey's show he is soaked clear through. The zipper comes down. I try not to touch his private area although I now know I want to. He pushes up his slight frame allowing me to take his jeans and yank them away from his wet legs. vicky pthc torrents Reaching the knees I dare to take a look straight at his package. The goods are buried pthc 1 under his Jockey's but defined thanks to the dampness. He no longer rextex vid board pthc seems so small.I finally get the jeans to exit from his feet. Again a toss, but not quite completely into the washer, another smile and small giggle can be heard. He sits there for a moment me looking at him pthc pthc rompl looking at me. The underwear needs to go, we both know it, pthc jpg collection I move my arms pthc pedo young towards him and he stands for the first time. In the garage next to the wet van forming a little lake around our feet he is so close. He stands near me; I smell the odor of damp hair. I reach again for his Jockey's; he pulls away and turns towards the washer. I step back and give him room. His hands go pthc video russian to his hips and he slips them under the band. The Jockey logo is rolled down and gone. top 100 pthc cp He is facing away from me as he peels the underwear down his pthc brothel torrents legs. He bends forward and I cannot sex video pthc help but look. There is a hairless pucker, between two clouded cheeks. Each foot is lifted one and then the other. He pthc lols takes aim with the Jockey's and they fly slam-dunk into the washer. He turns his head looking for my approval; my eyes are free file hosting pthc on his body. I know he can see that I am looking at his small patch pthc boy free links of hair shading ******** pthc the base of his dick that hangs slightly to the left over his soft hairless balls. He takes my hand kids pthc sex tgp and together we move into the house. I lead him pthc bbs sun to my room crossing the kitchen; pthc sites list his feet make squeaky noises on the tile floor. We make it to the bathroom and I turn the shower on. The water flows out cold, I hate that when you need it warm right now.He lets go of my hand and steps back, his look says it all. I remove my wet shirt. It drops to the floor. Each foot pushes at the heel of my shoes and they clunk and roll towards the closet. A quick balancing act removes my socks; he watches my striptease from the front of me while my eyes take him in. My jeans push off without bbs cgiworld vicky pthc unsnapping or belting. My boxers are blue and I know it is hopeless pthc sucking to cover my advancing dick.We are naked together and move under the warm water. Yeah I've been naked in the shower with other guys before, but it was in gym class or gente chueca pthc during a Scout campout. I have never done this, I have never been so close, felt so weird, or wanted russian ilegal pthc to touch someone so much.I grabbed another towel so we could dry each other. pedo pthc family His hand brushed my chest and my thoughts went back to just moments ago as the water came down upon us. I don't know who touched first, pthc heater but all at once his hand folded around my dick and I grew to beyond my most recent measurement. I took him in my hand and the head gave me pthc russian pic its best vertical smile. I balanced his balls kid pthc pic free in my palm; his fotos pthc jpg fingers separated mine thaimisc pthc jpg and flicked them into a upload ru pthc hop fest. I reached around him and brought his body to mine. My lips found his forehead and touched again when his wink brushed my nose. I found his lips. I had not kissed since mom said goodbye and we all know that doesn't count. I wanted so much to feel the moisture of other lips touching mine. My arms around him, his fingers moving along the lobs of my ass, we merged as one. Our tongues touch and this was vicky pthc forum nothing like with Ginny, this was better and that really young teens pthc scared me. Our result pthc ygold embrace gave way to our dicks dancing and flipping sides as they played in the tangled pubic hairs of one another. The look in his eyes told me that this was a moment he needed as much as I. Why it happened, how it happened didn't matter at this point, we were together.
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